beautifully dried.

life is full of surprises…
and i have always believed that the one thing we run away from is the only thing worth fighting and dying for. the feeling of discontent is the only thing that what could truly make us feel contentment is also ironically speaking what we shield ourselves from. 🙂 Continue reading


there’s something about the rain

that makes me want to sing in vain

something about the raindrops

that just makes my heart pops.

could it be the grey skies,

rain are like the tears from her eyes..
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♥ truelovejunkie ♥

there is nothing else here

that couldnt make me cry a tear

my once icy heart has melt

like summer snow from everything i felt.

such emotions are rushing over me

feelings i never thought would be

able to make me cry

since a tear seldom fell my eye.

once i started to open up

my heart to pain and love

i just cannot seem to stop

but embrace everything that i have.

i know sometimes it takes alot

but then, i just didn’t use my mind

but the little voice in my gut

and everything i ever wanted, i did find.

funny how life seems to always know

where to make you wander and then go

if only we take the road that people travel less

at the end of the line…

it surely feels the best.

sometimes we go up ,…. we go down…

most of the time…

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